Live NFL Betting


Many people enter the world of NFL betting with excitement and enthusiasm. And what's not to love since you're betting money on games that are already entertaining to watch. But at some point, you might get tired of always making the same point spread and over/under bets.

This is where live NFL wagering comes into play because you can place bets on the action while a game is in progress. Assuming your original point spread wager isn't doing so hot, live betting offers a way to recoup this money during the game. Obviously this is an attractive prospect, so let's further discuss what you can expect from live NFL wagering.

What Type of Live NFL Bets are Available?

There is essentially no limit to the amount of live betting opportunities that could be available in an NFL game. The reason why is because online sportsbooks can make up any prop bet, point spread or over/under they wish once a contest is in progress. But typically, the most common style of live bet involves adjusted point spreads, second-half spreads and adjusted totals. To give an example of these bets in action, consider the following line:

New Orleans Saints  -7.5   44.5
Carolina Panthers  +7.5    44.5


If the score at the end of one quarter is 10-0, a sportsbook might create an adjusted -15.5 spread for the Saints to cover. Additionally, the book could make an adjusted 40.5 totals bet since only 10 points were scored in the first quarter. Examples of prop bets include anything from which player will score first in the second half to how many yards a particular player will rack up in the second half.

How to find Live Wagering Opportunities

Finding live bets isn't overly difficult if you're already signed up at a major online sportsbook. All you need to do is visit their site while a game(s) is going on and navigate to the live wagering section. Here you should be able to find a number of different opportunities.

As for when the primetime is to make live bets, Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday Night Football games are all perfect. The reason why is because these contests are widely broadcast throughout the US and in other countries. With so many viewers, sportsbooks draw a bigger crowd and can profitably offer more live wagers. Of course, there'll still be plenty of live wagering on the regular Sunday afternoon games too.

Other Considerations with Live NFL Wagering


Time is always a big factor with live betting. After all, these wagers are being offered in real-time, so you may only have a few moments to make decisions. That said, you need to be a really quick thinker when it comes to live wagering; otherwise, you're just picking bets and relying on luck.

On the contrary, though, you can't get so wrapped up in live NFL betting that you forget about good strategy and bankroll management. Some of these wagers just can't be researched thoroughly enough to be worth a skilled bettor's time. So it's definitely a gift to be able to separate potentially favorable bets from the ones that are purely luck-based.

All warnings aside, live betting truly adds to the NFL experience and can make watching games 100x more entertaining. Be sure that your favorite online sportsbook offers live betting before you sign up.