NFL Betting Lines

Shopping for NFL Betting Lines


When most people get started with online NFL betting, they find a good sportsbook and stick with it. Assuming it's a quality book, the place will offer plenty of favorable lines. However, online sports betting is a big world and one that's filled with soft NFL lines that can help you earn major money. This being said, let's look at some advice on shopping for great lines.

A Simple Matter

The best way to find favorable NFL lines is to simply begin looking around the internet. For example, let's say that you like the underdog Carolina Panthers to cover a -5 spread. Making this bet may give you an excellent opportunity to win, but think about if you could find a -5.5 spread on the Panthers instead. If the Panthers lost by 5, you'd win the bet with this line, rather than simply pushing at -5.

Now you might think that a half point won't make much of a difference in the game you're betting. However, consider what effect this extra half point could make if you consistently find it over the long-run. Getting an extra half point over 200, 300, 400 or more bets could have a very positive impact on your NFL betting profits.


Now that we've covered how important shopping for the best NFL lines possible is, let's move on to one very important thing you should consider in this matter.

Do Your Shopping Early

You can never be too early in the week when looking for NFL lines. As many bettors know, point spreads shift during the week as bookmakers look to even out action on both sides of the fence. So it really pays to identify matchups that you like early on and work from here.

For instance, if you think that the Green Bay Packers are extremely undervalued at +5 favorites, you should try to get in on this wager before it shifts. After all, if you love the +5 line so much, there could be lots of other bettors who like it too and will rush to place this bet. And when this happens, bookies will quickly shift the line to +5.5 or higher to encourage wagering on the underdog.

But above all, make sure that you're placing an informed bet and doing plenty of research along the way. In other words, avoid rushing into a wager if you don't have proper time to research it. However, if you do have time early in the week, take advantage of early lines that could present good opportunities.