Horse Racing Rules

  • GTBets will honor all wagers placed up until the official off time. Any tickets placed after the official off time will be voided and the wager amount will be refunded regardless of the circumstances.
  • GTBets reserves the right to refuse any wager prior to the official off time.
  • Once a bet is confirmed online the bet can not be deleted and will be considered action.
  • GTBets pays full track odds on win, place, and show only. All exotic bets have payout caps depending upon the track classification.
    Click here for Horse Racing Tracks or Betting Limits.
  • In the event a race is ruled a no contest all wagers on the race will result in a refund only. If a track chooses to cancel an exotic due to a reduced field all bets will result in a refund only. In the event our data provides a bet type that is not available at the track it will result in a refund only.
  • Pick 3's, Pick 4's, and Daily Doubles - If the first leg results in a loss, the whole ticket is considered a loss. All scratches in the first leg of a multi-race exotic will result in a refund on the scratched horse(s) only. If any post time, or late scratches, should occur after the opening leg of a multi-race ticket, the bettor will receive a refund for the scratched horse(s) only. Refunds on scratched horses will be returned to the customer when the race is graded.
  • Multi-horse exotics - GTBets will only pay the official winning combinations in any multi horse exotic. In the event a ticket pays on 'all" at the host track the customer will receive a payout only if the bettor has the correct combination. If the bettor does have the correct combination he or she will receive the amount of the entire pool up to the cap amount. The pool amount will be the figure posted in the official results from This pool payout is only if the "all" payout is issued due to the fact that there were no winning tickets submitted on the multi-leg exotic. If the "all" is offered due to scratched horses, or change in track surfaces, then the player qualifies for only the standard payout for the ticket based on track odds payouts.
  • Coupled Horses - Horses that belong to one owner or under one trainer running in the same race are "coupled" together. When you bet on one you also get the other; you get horse 1 and horse 1 a, for example. When one of the coupled horses wins, both horses win. In the event of a scratch you have action, unless both coupled horses scratch.
  • Field Entry - When there are a large amount of horses running in a race, several horses are grouped together as field horses. For payouts and refunds, the same rules as Coupled Entry apply.
  • Tickets cannot be graded until the official results have been posted. Funds will be credited to your account usually within 5 minutes after the race has been made official.
  • All Quarter Horse Racing the maximum net profit per race is $1,000.
  • The result of an event will be the final outcome by the event's governing body on the date of the event’s completion. GTBets does not recognize protested or overturned decisions.
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