Parlays (also known as Multiples or Combos) is proud to offer the most comprehensive Parlay selection available today. Parlays, also known as Multiples or Combos, are a very exciting way for the sports betting enthusiast to WIN VERY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY WITH VERY LIMITED RISK!.

Simply put, a parlay is a bet of 2 or more teams (selections) or propositions in no particular order. All teams wagered on in a parlay must win. If there is a tie, it reverts down to the next lowest number for payoff. For 2 team parlays, a tie and win becomes a straight bet payout.

At, you may include up to 12 Selections in your parlays, all sports included. This means that you can make one parlay card with a combination of all your favorite sports! These wagers can be placed very easily online at

Please Note: No parlay bets will be accepted where individual "selections" are connected. For example, one leg of a parlay is for Sampras to beat Henman in the 4th round of Wimbledon and the second or additional part of the parlay is for Sampras to win the overall Wimbledon title. The match forms part of the overall tournament and is therefore 'connected'. In the same way, you cannot parlay the over of the first half of a football game with the over of the total game, because the two are 'connected'.

For NBA and NCAA, first half sides may not be parlayed with the full game side in the same game, and first half totals may not be parlayed with full game total in the same game.

Football and Basketball Parlay Payoffs

Selections Payout Odds
2 13 to 5
3 6 to 1
4 11.5 to 1
5 22 to 1
6 40 to 1
7 80 to 1
8 150 to 1
9 300 to 1
10 500 to 1
11 1000 to 1
12 2000 to 1

Baseball (moneyline) Parlay Payoffs

Because of the moneyline used in baseball, there are no set payoffs for tying a number of teams together in parlays. Payoffs are determined by a simple formula that changes the moneyline into a decimal number and combines it with the other lines in the parlay. The first step is to change the moneyline into a decimal value. Use the chart below for this purpose.

Values are equivalent to one dollar.

-1.05 = .95 -1.85 = .54
-1.10 = .91 -1.90 = .53
-1.15 = .87 -1.95 = .51
-1.20 = .83 -2.00 = .50
-1.25 = .80 -2.10 = .48
-1.30 = .77 -2.20 = .45
-1.35 = .74 -2.30 = .43
-1.40 = .71 -2.40 = .42
-1.45 = .69 -2.50 = .40
-1.50 = .66 -2.60 = .38
-1.55 = .64 -2.70 = .37
-1.60 = .62 -2.80 = .36
-1.65 = .61 -3.00 = .33
-1.70 = .59 -3.25 = .31
-1.75 = .57 -3.50 = .29
-1.80 = .55 -4.00 = .25

How to Figure Baseball Parlays

For each price or odds quote on your teams, look at their respective payoffs (to $1) and always add $1 to these payoffs.

Multiply your bet times the products of these payoffs (+$1) for your parlay return.


A Player bet $50 on the Cardinals (-150) parlayed to the Tigers (-130)

Bet Cardinals Tigers Return
(-150) (-130)
$50 X 1.67 X 1.77 = $147.80

The return includes the $50 bet.

Use the same method for any number of teams.


Bet $75 on the Cubs (+120) to the Reds (-135) to the Mets (Even) for a 3 team parlay

Bet Cubs Reds Mets Return
(+120) (-135) (Even)
$75 X 2.20 X 1.74 X 2.00 = $574.20
(1.00 + 1.20) (1.00 + .74) (1.00 + 1.00)

The return includes the $75 bet.

Remember to always add $1 to the payoff price to figure all parlays.

Please Note: All Baseball Side Parlays are "action." Run Line & Total selections within your parlay will be voided should there be a pitching change.

Round Robin Parlays is proud to offer Round Robin parlays. A Round Robin is simply a nickname for parlay wagering on a group of selections (at least three or more) that are to be included in a combination of individual parlays. These wagers can be placed very easily online at

For instance, if a player asked for a $100, three-team Round Robin with teams A, B, and C, he/she is simply requesting a two-team parlay with teams A and B, another parlay with teams A and C, and another with teams B and C, for a total of 3 individual parlays, each for $100. The total amount risked would be $300.

Round Robins get more complex as the number of teams increases. A four-team Round Robin "by twos" for $100 would mean that the bettor wants four teams to be included in a combination of two-team parlays. This would be a total of six individual two-team parlays, for a total risk of $600. If the request is for a Round Robin "by threes", it would include a total of four possible combinations, for a risk of $400.


A player requests a $100 four team Round Robin "by twos", with teams A, B, C and D. The possible combinations would be as follows:

Teams AB $100 to win $260
Teams AC $100 to win $260
Teams AD $100 to win $260
Teams BC $100 to win $260
Teams BD $100 to win $260
Teams CD $100 to win $260

If all four teams win, the player wins $1240, while risking only $600! If one game loses, there is still a profit, even though three of the parlays would lose. The three winners get back $780, plus the $100 laid for each parlay, for a total of $1080. After subtracting $300 for the 3 losers, the player profits $480!

Just like in our standard parlays, selections from every league and sport can be included!

Please Note: The maximum parley payoff for any one parlay wager shall be $50,000, whatever the stake, or theoretical payout displayed elsewhere on the system.