Live Betting

General Rules

The following are general rules which govern events in Live categories:

All Live lines are for the complete game score.

Lines will be offered at GTBets discretion. GTBets does not guarantee a line at any point in the game.

GTBets reserves the right to cancel any wager made on an obvious mistaken line. The definition of "obvious" is at the discretion of GTBets, however fairness is our obligation and promise.

In addition, Live Wagering bets are decided according to Live Wagering rules specific for that sport by GTBets.

All Live Wagering bets are subject to a cancellation period for "game changing events". If such an event should occur, we reserve the right to cancel all wagers placed within the buffer period.

In all Live Wagering betting, wagering is based on regulation time only for sides and totals, not including overtime unless otherwise stated in the wager details. Any undecided wagers will be voided if the match is not completed in full.