If bets

An If Bet allows you to increase your betting power and limit your risk by placing multiple bets on one betting ticket; each individual bet after the first bet will only have action if the previous bet in the sequence is successful.

An If Bet is also useful if you want to make more than one bet, but do not have adequate funds in your account to cover the second bet unless the first bet wins. An If Bet will place the second bet immediately upon success of the first bet. If Bet rules are as follows:

  • One If Bet can contain two to seven individual bets.
  • If Bets must be made prior to the start time of the earliest event.
  • Bets must be made in the order of each event's start time
  • The first bet amount may not exceed the normal house limits.
  • Additional bets in the sequence may be any amount, not exceeding the amount of the original bet plus any winnings from preceding bets.
  • The first bet is always placed unless it is considered a no action event.
  • All If Bets at gtbets.ag are If Win. This means that the first bet is always placed unless it is considered a no action event.
  • Each subsequent bet is placed only if the previous bet wins.
  • If any bet in the If Win series loses, ties or is considered no action, then all subsequent bets on the betting ticket are considered no action.
  • Correlated same game If Bets are not allowed and if violated, funds can be confiscated based on management discretion