Boxing Betting Strategy

Boxing Betting Strategy - Looking at a Fight's Intricacies


When much of the general public researches a boxing match, they focus on the basics such as fighter records, what the analysts are saying, recent opponents, and if one of the boxers is fighting close to their hometown.

All of these factors are great to study, but there's just one big problem: everybody else is going to be looking at this stuff too. Seeing as how bookmakers set their betting lines to reflect public perception, you need to differentiate your thinking from others. Here are a few more intricate aspects that you should consider with fights to give yourself an advantage over the public.

1. How did Each Fighter's Training Camp go?


One of the most overlooked aspects of boxing betting strategy is how smoothly fighters' training camps run. The reason why most people neglect to look at this information is because it's not always easy to find. However, you can often find news on training camps - especially for bigger matches - by continually looking at boxing news sites. You should be searching for info on how boxers are doing against their sparring opponents, how well they're getting along with the trainer, and if any injuries have surfaced.

2. Which Boxer is closer to their Prime?

As many sports fans know, an athlete's prime is their peak physical condition where they are strong, quick, and possess a high level of experience. For elite boxers, this point usually comes in their late 20's or early 30's. But you can't always tell just from a fighter's age, so you should also consider how they've performed in recent matches. A boxer who is in their prime stands a great chance of winning, no matter if they're favored or not.

3. Which Fighter has the Stronger Work Ethic?


While some boxers are extremely talented and capable of winning any fight, they put themselves at risk with poor training habits. James "Lights Out" Toney has been a good example of this throughout his career. The former middleweight, super middleweight and cruiserweight champion is one of the best technical boxers in history, but has always struggled to keep in top shape and stay away from fast food. Former middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins, on the other hand, trains religiously and stays in excellent shape. So if a fight is already close, look to the conditioning aspect as something that could determine the final result.

4. How many Tough Battles has a Fighter been in?

There's nothing like seeing two great fighters go toe-to-toe for 12 rounds in what turns out to be a close split-decision. But for the boxers, these lengthy, punishing fights can wreak havoc on their bodies. And several of these epic fights in a row can cause a fighter's athletic decline. Sure many of the top boxers have months in between one fight to the next. However, they don't always fully recover from the injuries and shots taken in long bouts. So always make sure to check out what kinds of fights a boxer has recently been involved in since this can really affect their performance.

5. Which Fighter is Hungrier vs. Which Boxer has the Better Team


Much is made about which fighter is hungrier for the win. After all, a highly-motivated boxer is somebody who could dig deep and potentially upset a favored champion. But on the other hand, you also have to consider which fighter has the better resources and team. A champion may not be as hungry as his opponent, but his lack of motivation can easily be offset by an elite team of trainers and excellent facilities.It's up to you to decide if hunger wins out over better resources in a specific fight.