Baseball Betting Tips

Three Quick Tips for Baseball Betting


One of the biggest allures to baseball betting is the fact that it enables certain people to make a very nice living. In fact, some bettors earn a six-figure annual income or more simply by wagering on baseball.

Of course commonsense tells us that you don't get to this point by spending a few minutes on the weekends researching matchups. No, it takes hard work and dedication to become a highly successful bettor who makes tons of cash.

Not everybody has this kind of time though and some people are just looking to get off to a quick start with baseball betting. Assuming you're part of this crowd, we've listed three quick tips that'll improve your chances of winning baseball wagers.

Tip #1 - Avoid betting on Marquee Teams

Major League Baseball may feature 30 teams, but the public still adores the historically popular clubs. The Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs and L.A. Dodgers are consistently among the league's most publicized teams. And while this may be great for them, it's not good for sports bettors who are looking for soft lines.

San Francisco Giants v Oakland Athletics

Bookmakers know that matchups involving these teams will draw a large amount of interest from the public. And so they put extra time and attention into creating lines that'll balance out action on both sides. The end result: it's much harder to find value in games involving these teams.

Now this isn't to say that you can NEVER find value in contests with the MLB's most popular clubs. But in the beginning, it's much easier to focus on more low-key games so you can potentially find soft lines.

Tip #2 - Limit the Number of Games you play

Some people enjoy baseball betting so much that they want to get action on several games within a single day. And while this might create more excitement for you, it's not exactly a recipe for betting success. After all, wagering on more games means you'll be spreading yourself thinner and have less quality research time.

So rather than making a bunch of wagers with medium research involved, it's a much smarter idea to limit the number of games you play. There are a ridiculous amount of MLB contests throughout the season, which means you don't have to cram 3-4 wagers into one day. Instead, it's best to stick with 1, maybe 2 bets (depending upon your time) each day.

Tip #3 - Pay Close Attention to the Injury Report


Baseball is one of the harder sports to keep tabs on injuries because, once again, there are so many games in a season. You can expect around a dozen contests on a daily basis, and sometimes there are double-headers too.

With so much action happening at once, you really need to be mindful of injury reports to see when key players are/aren't playing. Whether it's a star clean-up hitter or just a solid bullpen pitcher, any missing player can have an impact on the game. And if you don't know when these players are missing from the lineup, it's a lot harder to make sound wagers. So check,, or any other major baseball site for injuries when you're going to bet.

Once you form a strong base in regard to baseball betting strategy, you should continue researching games and learning tips on a regular basis. Like anything else in life, MLB betting rewards the hardest workers who are determined to win.