Tennis Betting Tips


Seeing as how tennis lasts all year, it gives skilled bettors plenty of opportunities to make money. You can expect at least a couple of big tennis tournaments every month, and the four "Grand Slams" (Australian Open, Wimbeldon, US Open, French Open) are spread throughout the year. So there's definitely no shortage of action available on tennis matches.

Of course, it's important that you improve your tennis betting knowledge and skills before taking advantage of this action. Keeping this in mind, let's take a quick look at some tennis betting tips that'll improve your chances of earning profits.

1. Don't follow Popular Online Predictions

There are a lot of online tennis sites that offer predictions on who'll win upcoming matches. And many of these sites have knowledgeable people dispensing this information. But this doesn't mean that you should just surf Google and follow the first advice you see. The reason why is because most of the public will also be looking at this info. And since sportsbooks base lines on public perception - rather than who they think will win - you're not going to gain much of an advantage by looking at popular tennis sites.

2. Look at the History between Players


No matter how highly ranked a pro is, there's always one or two mediocre players who give them fits. So any time you're looking at a match between a top-ranked pro and a lesser-known veteran, it's smart to check out their history against each other. Sometimes you'll find that the underdog elevates their game and seems to play better against a certain opponent. And if this opponent is a star player, you could get some good value out of the underdog.

3. Consider Performance at Different Tournament Stages

Every professional tennis player is different in regard to how they perform at certain stages of a tournament. Some players start off strong, but choke in the big matches at the end; other pros struggle in the beginning against lightly regarded opponents, but raise their game in semi-final and championship matches. The majority of the public doesn't really look at how pros historically perform at different stages of a tournament. That said, you can gain an edge here by looking back on certain players' careers and considering their historic performance at various tourney stages.

4. Always factor in the Surface


This might be one of the more obvious tennis betting tips, but it's still worth discussing. The surface that a tennis match is played on will have a big impact on the results. After all, many players excel on hard court, some have an advantage on clay, and others do well on grass. Using the latter as an example, big servers tend to do very well on grass because balls bounce harder and are difficult to return. Sweden's Robin Soderling is a hard hitter with big serves who fares well on grass. So if you were betting on a grass-based match, you could give Soderling or similar players more of an edge.

5. Limit the Number of Players that you study

A common piece of sports betting advice is to limit the scope of your wagering so you can do more in-depth research and analysis on games/athletes. Tennis is certainly no different because there are over 2,000 pro players in in both women's and men's tennis. Obviously it's impossible to keep tabs on all of these players - or even 200 for that matter. So we highly advise that you limit the number of players you're willing to bet on to 5-20. The more time you have to put into tennis betting, the more you can expand this number. But as a rule of thumb, limit things so that you can familiarize yourself with specific players.

Also keep in mind that experience is a big component of tennis betting success. If you keep wagering on tennis and doing research, your odds of eventually becoming a profitable bettor increase greatly.