Live NBA Betting


As if the NBA isn't already exciting enough, with its high-scoring games and thunderous dunks, sports betting only makes it that much more intriguing. People love placing bets on their favorite team, then watching the action unfold. But what's interesting is that many bettors aren't aware of an additional exciting opportunity - live wagering.

With live NBA wagering, you get to make bets on the games while they are happening. So let's say that you didn't have the chance to make a point spread wager before a big game; well, you can just navigate to an online sportsbook and place a bet while you're watching it. Having the opportunity to do this is definitely convenient, so let's go over what you need to know about live NBA wagering.

Where and when you can make Live Basketball Bets

In theory, live betting can be offered on any NBA game at any sportsbook. However, your best chances of finding a large variety of these wagers is by choosing a big online sportsbook. Once you've deposited money at the sportsbook, you can simply visit their live wagering section during NBA games to see what's on tap.


Most live NBA betting action will be featured on nationally televised and postseason games. For example, many of the games that are shown on TNT will carry a fair amount of live wagers. Likewise, a playoff game between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks is going to feature a big selection of live bets.

Common Live Wagers

As with many sports, the majority of NBA live wagering opportunities revolve around adjusted point spreads and totals. As a game goes on, sportsbooks will adjust a line, then reintroduce it as a new bet to create more action. To illustrate this point, let's assume that the following line was available to start the game:

Miami Heat  -5.5   190.5
New York Knicks  +5.5   190.5

If the Heat were to take an 8-point lead at the end of one quarter, some sportsbook might then offer an adjusted -8.5 spread bet on the game. If both teams combined for 103 points in the first half, the sportsbook might create a new over/under of 203.5 points. In both cases, the book takes into account what has happened thus far in the game and makes new wagers for players to bet on.

In-Game Prop Bets


Point spreads and totals aren't the only wagers to expect in live NBA betting. That's because many sportsbooks also feature plenty of prop bets too. If Kevin Durant is on fire and scores 25 points in the first half, you might see a bet suddenly appear that puts Durant's over/under points for the game at 49.5.

In some of the bigger games, you'll notice more obscure bets on player stats too. Assuming Chris Bosh were to pull down an impressive 10 rebounds in the first half, there could be an over/under that puts his total rebounds at 18.5 for the entire contest. This kind of variety really leads to some extra fun when you're watching NBA games.

Every Minute counts

One last topic worth covering here is the limited time that you'll be dealing with in live NBA wagering. Unlike a normal point spread bet, where you may have 1-3 days to decide, live bets usually start within minutes of being offered. So you don't have much time to do critical thinking before placing a bet. This being said, live wagering is definitely for people who are quick on their toes.

Assuming you fall into this category and love the NBA in general, then you should definitely give live betting a try.